Sunday, June 28, 2009


Since the Obama Administration has stated the coup situation in Honduras should be resolved via the OAS, and the OAS has just condemned the coup and called for the unconditional restoration of President Zelaya to power, that should also imply that the US Government shares the same position.

Some rumors are flying around that two US government reps have made statements to the effect of Obama not recognizing the coup government in Honduras, but not wanting to "get involved" and to "wait" for the coup government to decide it is illegitimate by analyzing the OAS decision.

I think a clear coup d'etat against a democratic government that also happens to be a major dependent on US economic and political aid should provoke a more firm and concise statement by the US Government.

Tomorrow the State Dept will have to respond to questions about the coup....


Ben said...

Thank you so much for updating events so well. Keep up the good work!

Dídac López said...

If OAS resolution implies US condemnation, then Obama's Administration will not recognize the Honduran Congress-backed "government". Now, there is only five months to the next election, so it's probable that the Honduran Congress-backed "government" wants "internacional community" to wait. In that case, Zelaya would be the "internacional recognized" president and Micheletti would be the "de facto" president. However, it is very difficult to assume that Honduran people (both pro-oligarchic and anti-oligarchic) will accept peacefully this status quo for full 5 months.