Monday, June 29, 2009


Check out this quote:

''This man broke the law and he deserved to be taken away,'' Alvarez aid. ``We want democracy in our country and for Chavez to butt out. And we want the United States to give us support.''

From the Miami Herald article, "Hondurans in South Florida express support for shake-up"....WTF?


Prentice said...

What do you expect from a fascist Bush-Cheney US press/media? The reality of those two thugs, as well as the lack of awareness by my fellow average semi illiterate americans, is a long term historical reality. As an american, I say, "Viva Fidel," Viva Hugo."

Nathan said...

Thank you for the wonderful work you do. Are you on twitter? I am trying to post all of your information as fast as possible.

Thank you!

99 said...

I thought you might make use of this link... maybe it's important...?

Hollywood said...

I read in the Wall Street Journal that Zelaya broke the constitutional law that only congress can approve a consituent assembly through a national referendum. It also said Zelaya had resigned in order to be exhiled and not prosecuted. Is this true?

Otto G G said...

Not suprisingly, USAID is using its' "aid money" to Honduras, via partners such as IRI (International Republican Institute)and IFES (International Foundation for Election Systems), to "provide technical assistance to the Tribunal Superior Electoral (TSE)". That is what USAID says themselves in their very recent (June 2009) Audit Report on their activities in Honduras.

Lots of interesting info, not to mention euphemism, in there!

Michelle said...

Hi Eva, you might be interested in this article too by La Opinion in Los Angeles titled "En Los Angeles Apoyan el golpe militar"

They are classifying the coup as "un mal necesario." But they do talk to some people who are against it.

And for anyone in the Los Angeles area, there will be a protest today at two pm in front of the Honduras consulate in Los Angeles more info about that here:

Otto G G said...

Forgot to mention this link to an IRI presentation-video on its' activities in Honduras:

Video located under header

IRI Podcast 051: Good Governance in Honduras" (right side of screen given in link above)

If IRI really only wants to conduct "Good Governance" programs in Honduras, why the heck does it have to mention its' audience, coupled with 'appealing' pics of Zelaya with Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chávez, that president Zelaya is leftist?