Sunday, June 28, 2009


RIght now the Honduran Congress is illegally swearing in the president of Congress, Micheletti, as the de facto president of Honduras, in the next development of this ongoing military-civil coup taking place throughout the day.

President Zelaya is still in forced exile in Costa Rica, after being beaten and kidnapped by soldiers under orders of those involved in the coup. Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas is still disappeared, after also being beaten and taking prisoner by the Honduran military in clear violation of her rights.

The United States maintains a military base in Soto Cano, Honduras, that houses approximately 500 soldiers and special forces. The U.S. military group in Honduras is one of the largest in U.S. Embassies in the region. The leaders of the coup today are graduates of the U.S. School of the Americas, a training camp for dictators and repressive forces in Latin America.

Will the Obama Administration recognize the coup government in place now in Honduras? Or will Obama call for the reinstatement of constitutional president Manuel Zelaya. We are waiting to hear from the White House....

Tonight, a special meeting of ALBA nations has been convened in Managua, Nicaragua. Heads of state or high level representatives from Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Dominica, San Vincent and Antigua and Barbados are expected to attend.


El Ch� said...

If it comes to organized revolutionary resistance to the U.S.-backed golpe, ALBA must be right there, backing the honduran masses to the hilt -- even if it means open military warfare with the U.S. and its loyal servants. I know that middle-class Leftists and political opportunists alike run far away from even talk of armed struggle these days -- but it is exactly because of this sort of development that we HAVE armed struggle in this World.

And if we are all labelled "Red Dawn" on account of this -- then so be it. Better than being a White Pawn.

Prentice said...

As an american, I am deeply distressed by the policies of the US-Military Industrial complex. A very good example of the long history of genocide and outright brutal policies of the US government and capitalist expansion, can be found beyond the US style gulags and war crimes in the Middle East. The westward expansion of US white settlers and genocide of the Native American, is an early example of 'more to come.' The Native Americans who resisted were called, "savages." The Resistance in the Middle East, is labelled "terrorist."