Friday, February 26, 2010


Saludos friends of Venezuela!

Yet another edition of our Correo del Orinoco International - English Edition is out and circulating! This week's analyzes and reports on the groundbreaking meeting this week that took place in Cancun, Mexico, where 25 Latin American presidents and representatives from 33 countries in the region met and voted to create the new Community of Latin American and Caribbean States - the first formalized organization in the hemisphere without the presence of the US and Canada. This is a HUGE development and a major advance for sovereignty and regional integration. Read on for more details...Also in this week's edition are in depth articles on the new socialist supermarket and the complexities of switching from a capitalist model to a socialist one; Colombia & Venezuela at a crossroads; a new law for a Communal State; the coup in Niger and it's implications for Africa and the Global South; a detailed report on the Caracazo - the Great Caracas Explosion we commemorate this February 27, that changed the history of Venezuela and set the path for today's revolution; and a great article by Cindy Sheehan, who happens to be visiting us this week in Venezuela and hopes to show folks in the US a truth not told in the mass media about what really is happening here. Also, we recommend a fabulous documentary about William Kunstler, one of the greatest lawyers and revolutionaries ever in the US. Please check it out!

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Revolutionary Regards,

Eva Golinger
Correo del Orinoco Internationa
English Edition


SKZ said...

This is a very important publication! Thank you for making it possible. I sent you an e-mail about contributing an article to Correo del Orinoco. If you have time, please review it. Regardless, the world needs unfiltered access to the reality on the ground. PLEASE keep these publications going! Yours in uncompromising solidarity ... SKZ

Unknown said...

I saw your Russia Today interview and you did a great job!