Monday, October 26, 2009

The Moore Saga

The New York Times did a "story" today on my reaction to Michael Moore's fairy tale about meeting with President Chávez in Venice this past September. The article, written by Simon Romero, was published in both the print and online editions of one of the world's most important newspapers. I wrote my "reaction" to Moore's ridiculous made up cover story about Chávez one week ago, and since then, really nobody is talking about this anymore. No one from the government reacted and yes, the opposition media had fun with the whole thing, but really, what makes this a New York Times worthy issue?? I mean really, of all the things to write about, Simon, come on! Of course the NYT is not covering the millionth patient attended to as part of Misión Milagro (Miracle Mission), the social program created by Cuba & Venezuela to provide free surgeries to those suffering from eye diseases and problems. Nor did the NYT cover last week's inauguration of the brand new modern and highly advanced geneology research center and diagnostic treatment clinic- providing 100% free care to everyone. Considering the US is ongoing a huge debate about health care services, you would think these stories would be inspirational and much more newsworthy than me & Michael Moore and a bunch of ridiculous lies - or jokes, whatever you want to call them.

But no, the NYT found the battle of the left much more exciting than major healthcare advances, and uniform coverage, for all Venezuelans, even at the most advanced treatment levels. And so, Moore responded, finally, (and again, cowardly) with a bunch of twits or tweets or whatever, at least admitting that President Chávez "doesn't drink", but still, calling me out for having lost my sense of humor.

So, after receiving too many messages to count from many readers and observers telling me I have no sense of humor and to leave Moore alone, he was just joking and anyway, is already so attacked by the right-wingers, poor guy. But still, I hold strong to my original opinion about his "joke", which personally I found misplaced, inappropriate and in very bad taste. It's easy to make fun of a Latin American president who is already the most demonized in US media and ridiculed internationally. It's much easier to make jokes about Chávez than tell the truth. Because almost nobody is willing to step out and risk being associated with a controversial figure like President Hugo Chávez, whether or not you secretly adore him, or like what is happening in Venezuela. Those who do are constantly attacked and threatened and harassed. Yeah, Moore is too, but this time around, he decided it wasn't "convenient" to be seen with Chávez.

All I'm saying is, if you have 5 minutes on national television in the US to talk about Venezuela or President Chávez, and you care or believe in the incredible changes and movements taking place in Venezuela and throughout Latin America, and you're talking about one of the world's most demonized and threatened leaders, at least say something - one thing - redeeming. One positive thing. One. But to use the gift of 5 minutes before millions of viewers who know little or nothing - or care little or nothing - about Venezuela and Chávez to make jokes and ridicule an already overly-ridiculed leader, it just doesn't do it for me.

We have had a coup d'etat in Venezuela, funded and designed by the Department of State and the CIA, numerous economic sabotages causing billions of dollars in damages to the economy, we have an ongoing, severe media war, paramilitary infiltration causing death and violence throughout the country - coming from neighboring Colombia where the US not only has invested almost $10 billion during the past 10 years in Plan Colombia, but also just entered into an agreement with the Colombian government to utilize 6 more Colombian military bases for US operations in the region and to allow US military and security forces FULL ACCESS to all Colombian military and police installations...There have been several, documented assassination attempts against Chávez during the past few years, and just last year, the US Government tried to place Venezuela on the list of "state sponsors of terrorism", but it didn't happen because they couldn't figure out - yet - how to still get the oil if we are truly classified as enemies.

And not to mention the complete absence of any information in US media about the achievements of the Bolivarian revolution and President Chávez's policies during the past ten years, which have resulted in free health care coverage for all 27 million Venezuelans; the eradication of illiteracy and the guarantee of all levels of education, from basic to graduate level, for free to all Venezuelans; the recuperation of national sovereignty and national industries, such as oil, in order to redistribute the wealth and attempt to reduce and eliminate poverty - to date extreme poverty has been reduced more than 30% in the past decade, under Chávez. Worker-run factories, cooperatives, community councils, indigenous people's land and language rights, women's institutes and banks, community banks, free distribution of books and reading materials, inclusion of national artists and culture in all aspects of government and social policies, and the list is endless, practically, of incredible advances and achievements on a social and economic level in Venezuela during the past 10 years. Millions of people previously invisible are now visible. Participation in every aspect of Venezuelan society - political, economic, social and cultural - is at almost a 100%. People feel that what they do, matters. These changes are absolutely extraordinary, and untold.

So, excuse my apparent "lack of humor", but Michael Moore could have at least taken one minute to say one thing good about Venezuela and Chávez, instead of doing what all those who want to diminish and devalue what is happening here always do - ridicule and make fun of Chávez, and manipulate and distort the facts.

So Michael, come and present "Capitalism: A Love Story" here in Caracas, with us, and hold your head high.


NuestraAmericaNews said...

I agree with you Eva the right will use what ever to gain more Ammo. Especially with Micheal Moore who is suppose to support or be part of the left. But sometimes I poder about the man who say's that in the next run of election people should vote Republican. What the fuck? A man seen shaking hands with Republican members of congress and a man who has stated that he will back the republicans. This in itself is an irony something which he demostrates greatly in his films. I like Micheal Moore for showing and investigating the truth with a sense of humor. But that sense of humor against the people of Venezuela and of my Commandate will open a door for those who smell of sulfir. To create division among us and to promote violence and hatred against my people in Venezuela. -I'm gang affilated across American gangs Latin King/Blood Paru's/ Crypts/and others. And I denounce Micheal Moore humor against Chavez. I ask Micheal Moore to refrain in this kind of humor. Thank You Eva!

tVZLA said...

Bravo, bien dicho.

Es cierto que MM bromea y que echa más basura contra Venezuela y Chávez ¿es MM consciente de ello?

Por un lado se puede pensar que no porque no ve más allá de los EEUU, pero por otro lado puede que sea una actitud calculada para detener la asociación con Chávez y el socialismo que los medios gringos le estaban haciendo a raíz de las fotos de Venecia.

Cualquiera de los dos supuestos es grave, y lo que definnitivamente sí que ha demostrado MM es que es un cobarde, he aquí la prueba:

"Entrevista de CNN: Pánico de Michael Moore al evadir en definirse como socialista"

El asunto de Simón Rivero hay que seguirlo, se dedica a hacer artículos prpagandísticos contra Chávez, muy finos y bien construídos. En lo que escribe puede verse el rastro de sus fuentes, generalmente internet ;), le gusta mucho ahondar en los espacios mediáticos y en las personas relevantes que defienden la Revolución.

Después de que el Presidente Chávez hiciese un comentario sobre el golf omo un no deporte, Simón Rivero sacó un artículo un mes después al respecto (se supone que tras ver los vídeos en YT, cuenta TVZL, le dedicó unos comentarios a Mario Silva también), esto fue lo que hizo:

Después del artículo de SR en el NYT sobre Moore y tí, Eva, creo que el tema va a rebotar por muchos otros medios impresois y de TV por todo el mundo.

¿Seguro que MM no es consciente de lo que dice y donde lo dice?

Hodad said...

Moore must be bought off, or worse probably threatened as is the way of those in USA in power, to use violence as a tool, ie: US military-drug traffickers-CIA assholes
I knew Barry, and the Mena debacle with bilary-bush is still ongoing, why is this not being discussed, as she is secy of state, USA is a real joke huh?

thanks for your fresh insights and writing, and
Viva El Frente

from here in El Salvador
where things are REALLY changing

El Gringo Rumbero said...

Satirizing the President of Venezuela using hackneyed stereotypes about Latinos (i.e. fiestas locas, tequila, etc.) is not irony. It's old-fashioned minstrel-show style racist humor. It's unfortunate that a man who pretends to be a political and social critic can't see that.

Anonymous said...

Eva: Estoy por lo menos ambivalente respeto al presidente Chávez y (menos) sobre el tono de su comentario original. Pero, en lo que trata de los principios, Ud. tiene toda la razón. Los estereotipos que usó Michael Moore me dieron pena y Moore debía haber dicho algo más amable si él es lo suficiente positivo respeto a Chávez para haberle dado la mano y aceptado su hospitalidad en Venecia.
Pero...Señor Pescado, no creo que haya ningún complot. De hecho Moore ha empleado esta suerte de estereotipos sobre Latinoamérica antes (véase el retrato de Costa Rica en Farenheit 911,por ejemplo) A veces es burro con su humor cuando sale de su género mayor, y a lo mejor se puso nervioso/cobarde con el tema ante la audiencia norteamericano...y ya.

bully said...

I've been reading your blog since the Honduran coup of recent. You think clearly and write well. This was certainly a missed opportunity for Moore. He may understand that now. It is good of you to call him on it.

Shubel Morgan II said...

Moore should apologize. It's hard to imagine why he did what he did but it was wrong.

Chavez may have his faults and weaknesses but they do not include alcohol consumption, nor a need for a speechwriter, nor a tendency to party hard. These are stereotypiccal images that diminish Latino people. For shame Moore! How on earth could you have...

Unknown said...

Well, just like Mr. Democrtic Party partyman Michael Moore gave in to the popular sentiment abuot eh Chavez in the US and and you rightfuly and dutifully exposing his lies nad made up stories, You seems to be caving in to the Hystisia that exists with lefts about "not keeping one of thier own accountable at all".

Well I saw the video I must say that allthough he did say that a bottle and half of taquila later, he never specifically mentioned that chavez was drinking he was saying he was drinking---true or not--I don't care. And there was a photo of them in the all way with him having a not so enthusiastic look on his face for meeting chavez.


Unknown said...

Jesus Crist, look like not even Irishman Roy Carson, Editor and Publsiher of hte Vheadline is leaving you alone on exposing the hypocritical side of Michael Moore, and although he make some good points about --If Moore had mentuioned Chavez achivements it woudl have caused brain damage on the "stupid gringo public"--You exposed a side of Michael morre that no lefts woudl ever do becuase he is a saint for most leftists, the disingenuine side, besides it's your blog and you ahve a right to expose that. i'm you exposed his lies.

Unknown said...

this reminds me of the interview i heard recently with MM on democracy now when he told of the reaction to his acceptance speech at the academy awards where he denounced bush and the war i iraw and how his life was hell for some time after, death threats, hiring security guards, hate mail, etc., etc. He said he probably would not do it again if he had to do over and I think he's been "disicplined" into acquiesence by that experience and afraid to speak out as he used. He's afraid of being killed, hurt or that the same might happen to his family. It's very sad. McCarthyism lives.