Friday, October 30, 2009


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared early this morning:

"I'm very pleased to announce that we've had a breakthrough in negotiations in Honduras.

I want to congratulate the people of Honduras as well as President Zelaya and Mr. Micheletti for reaching an historic agreement. I also congratulate Costa Rican President Oscar Arias for the important role he has played in fashioning the San Jose process and the OAS for its role in facilitating the successful round of talks.

As you know, I sent Assistant Secretary Tom Shannon and his deputy Craig Kelly and the White House NSC representative for the Western Hemisphere Dan Restrepo to Honduras yesterday after speaking with both President Zelaya and Mr. Micheletti last Friday to urge them finally, once and for all to reach an agreement.

I cannot think of another example of a country in Latin America that having suffered a rupture of its democratic and constitutional order overcame such a crisis through negotiation and dialogue.

This is a big step forward for the Inter-American system and its commitment to democracy as embodied in the Inter-American Democratic Charter. I'm very proud that I was part of the process, that the United States was instrumental in the process. But I'm mostly proud of the people of Honduras who have worked very hard to have this matter resolved peacefully.

We're looking forward to the elections that will be held on November 29, and working with the people and government of Honduras to realize the full return of democracy and a better future for the Honduran people."

But what is the real story?

Exactly what some of us have been saying all along - that Washington played the coup out as long as possible, trying to gain legitimacy and credibility for the dictatorial regime, but when that strategy failed, and the United Nations, OAS and countries around the world still refused to recognize the illegal regime as a "government" and further reiterated over and over again that the upcoming presidential elections on November 29th would not be recognized, the Obama/Clinton team went for Plan B.

The past few days have been a rush to figure out a way to get President Zelaya "placed" back in "power", but with no power to govern, just his cowboy hat in the presidential office, so that the elections could proceed. And so Washington sent down it's heavy duty delegation on Wednesday, led by Sub-Secretary of State for Latin America Thomas Shannon, National Security Council Advisor on Latin America Dan Restrepo, and Adjunct Secretary of State Craig Kelly (a fanatical anti-Chávez propagandist). The trio "resolved" the four month long Honduran crisis. Washington to the rescue!

Right. Basically, the Empire's trio went down to their backyard and told dictator Roberto Micheletti that if he didn't just allow Zelaya's cowboy hat back in the presidential office, Washington wouldn't recognize the upcoming elections and that could be a problem for the small Central American nation. And, they said, don't worry, Zelaya won't be able to do anything anyway, it's all for show. So, Micheletti bowed his oversized ego and said, well, ok, let the Congress decide (the same Congress that approved the coup d'etat on June 28th), and so long as I go free.

The "agreement" lauded by Clinton merely says the Honduran Congress will decide on Zelaya's restitution, and if approved, a government of "reconciliation" will be installed. Read: puppet regime with no power. Washington is overjoyed and excited about having found a way to save face and look like the good guys!

But what about the people of Honduras who have suffered four months of repression and violence from the coup regime and the armed forces at its service? What about the US military presence on Soto Cano that have been coordinating with the coup leaders from day one? What about the four months lost from Zelaya's presidency? And justice for the people? That's not in the "historic agreement".

Thomas Shannon said he was pleased that an agreement was reached to resolve the crisis in Honduras "without violence". What about the dozens killed and hundreds injured and detained over the past four months at the hands of the coup regime? And the constant suspension of constitutional rights and guarantees? Is that not "violence"?

We still have to wait and see how the situation plays out. But without real justice for the people of Honduras, this "historic agreement" is just a bunch of Washington hype.


NuestraAmericaNews said...

Zeyala should demand to be reinstalled without and pre-conditions. Congress should not be allowed to vote becuase those in congress conspired to take him out forcibly. He should demand this plato if he is to really win victory over the U.S. imperialism. Other countries will continue support for Zeyala no matter what and Zeyala has the juice. He should use it to his advantage, he has the good cards on the table. Use THEM.

Unknown said...

Zeyala is no working class hero same as the President of Argentina she is neither. He will accept what the gringos give him. So do not put too much faith in his ability to better the working class of Hondouras. Viva Chavez

chapultepec said...

recommended coverage of the coup

Ben Rothschild said...

Greg Grandin argues differently. Both of you guys provide valuable perspectives.