Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Info on Ongoing Honduran Coup

Here is a great site to catch updated information on what's happening with the now month and a half long coup/dictatorship in Honduras:

Honduras Oye!

And this blog has a very in depth and well presented series of articles on Otto Reich's role in the coup against President Zelaya: Machetera.

I'm still of course following the Honduras situation, but am working heavily on the increasing US military presence in Latin America via Colombia. I'm also investigating and analyzing data regarding the substantial raise in US funding to "democracy promotion" and counterinsurgency efforts in Latin America for 2009 and 2010, via USAID and NED...

And here is an article I just wrote, en español, about the dirty propaganda the Directorate of National Intelligence of the United States is disseminating against President Chávez...

...more to come, stay tuned!


MAGBANA said...

Hello Eva,

Thanks for your very generous words concerning my blog, Honduras Oye!

I appreciate the plug and hope that the blog continues to be worthy of your praise.


shirley pate

NuestraAmericaNews said...

Eva I am following your example on decoding so here is a few decoding words I found. Decoding America a book I wish to write. A perspective from a Puerto Rican Nationalist inside the belly of the beast.

The Democracy Code According to the Coup Leaders:

Democracy = no Chavez-no Fidel-no Ortega;

Democracy = the rich are innocent, the poor are guilty;

Democracy = Yes to he who breaks the law for our own good, no to Mel who breaks the law for the good. [sic]

Democracy = I support Micheletti and I am a peacemaker, you support Mel and you break windows;

Democracy = I love the Cardinal, you forget our father (and you offend the cardinal);

Democracy = corrupt, more or Zelaya [sic], but hate Chavez and hate Fidel [sic]

Democracy = Kidnapping Mel is good, opposition’s bloodshed is good and repression is good, communism is bad. Mel is a communist. The coup leaders don’t respect life nor the law because the protect us from bad.

Democracy = Mel is dangerous because of Chavez, Daniel, and Fidel. Micheletti only seeks the good for everyone. Micheletti is good, Mel is bad.

Democracy = Chavez and Fidel want to impose strange ideologies on Hondurans. Mel is Chavez and Fidel’s friend, to loathe Mel, Chavez, and Fidel is good because we are Hondurans.