Saturday, July 25, 2009


President Zelaya is at the Honduran border again, reinitiating his attempt to enter the country, which although he passed through briefly yesterday afternoon, his reentry was prevented by military forces under orders from the coup regime. He is hoping to reunite today with his wife and children, who have been detained since yesterday several miles from the border in El Paraíso, Honduras, by police and army forces. There are approximately 3000 police and army forces at the border preventing Zelaya's reentry and interaction with supporters on the Honduran side.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Zelaya's behavior "reckless" in statements yesterday afternoon. Her specific statement was, "President Zelaya’s effort to reach the border is reckless. It does not contribute to the broader efforts to restore democratic and constitutional order in the Honduras crisis. So we urge President Zelaya and all other parties to reaffirm their commitment to a negotiated, peaceful solution to the integrity of Honduran democracy and the safety and well-being of the Honduran people. In fact, we urge both parties to accept the proposal put forth by President Arias. It is the basis for a peaceful solution, and that is what the United States supports."

Right, but the coup regime's repression of the Honduran people, political assassinations, tortures, detentions of over 1000 Zelaya supporters, violent kidnapping and forced exile of Zelaya, illegal usurpation of the presidency and executive functions, censoring of media, expulsion of foreign journalists, amongst other crimes, is "good behavior" that "contributes to democracy"??? Because we haven't heard any clear condemnations from Clinton or her spokesmen regarding all of the above. Zero, zip, nothing.

The whole Arias negotiation is a trap to buy time and consolidate the coup regime, or return Zelaya to the presidency with no power. Clinton advisor Kevin Casas-Zamora, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute (the most influential "democrat" think-tank in Washington) and former Vice President of Costa Rica under President Arias (hmmm, maybe that's why he is the designed negotiator) laid out the terms that Arias/Clinton are trying to impose on Zelaya in an article on July 9, 2009, at least one week before Arias presented his first proposal to resolve the Honduran conflict. Casas-Zamora said,

"First of all that Zelaya should return to the presidency, though not necessarily to power. The presidency and power are two different things. Number two, he has to end his plans to amend the constitution, which won't be much of a problem. Number three, he has to put some distance between himself and Chavez. That's essential. Number four, there has to be some kind of power-sharing agreement, whereby Zelaya remains at the helm of the government but some other people chip-in in the main decisions that are to be made between now and the next election in November. Number five, there has to be some kind of amnesty, for lack of a better word, where everybody turns a blind eye on the pervasive illegal behavior of all the parties involved, because all of them have acted with illegal behavior and have acted with total disregard for the rule of law. Sadly for Honduras, they will have to turn a blind eye to all of that. At this point, no party is in a position to demand accountability from anybody. There's no such thing as high moral ground in Honduras at this point."

So, let the coup regime off the hook and turn Zelaya into a limp president. This is the "smart power" solution of the Obama-Clinton administration. Save the empire's face and its interests too!

Zelaya's "reckless" return to Honduras and his reunification with his people is the only way to restore dignity to the Central American nation.


Unknown said...

Does Zelaya's wife know he's a limp president..?

TITO said...

I´m so shocked to see how "NAIVE" Washington is about our problem down here.

I don´t know if they realize that with or without a negotiation, the GOLPISTAS must hide, step down, surrender, and give up any attempt to continue with this; otherwise, they are facing a CIVIL WAR!

I´m aware that they are not putting the deads but the Civic Conscience of the people has changed.

This is just the start of the Honduras of the XXI century.

Michelle said...

Hmm, I wonder how Secretary Clinton and the United States would act if there were a similar coup in say Iraq of Afghanistan? Would the US propose mediation from a third party? Would its actions be wise and not "reckelss"?

I think we all know the answers to these questions: the US gets to do what it wants and everyone else must do what the US wants (to fail to do so is "reckless).

Unknown said...

So apparently we're all waiting now for hondurans to pour over the hills into Zelaya's camp, over the border Nicaragua, in the next few days..?

Anonymous said...

Dear Eva and all friends of this site: The real problem i see is not the US government itself, nor the Micheletti-government. The real problem from my own point of view is the followers and supporters of the US government, and the middle classes followers and supporters of the Micheletti defacto government. I posted in one of my former messages that the Middle-Classes, including the lower part of the middle classes (Lower middle classes) always side with the mainstream political parties, because from the middle-class's point of view they think that any political-change would be a threat to their relatively stable lifestyles. The US, Europe and even many nations in Latin America still have a large middle-class. So my theory is that we will just have to wait for people to pass from the middle class to the lower-class for them to wake up. I mean we just got to wait for a rise in poverty levels in this world to see a real hunger for change in the majority of people.


Anonymous said...

The Bloodbath Belongs to the Thugs of Tegucigalpa

Monday, 27 July 2009, 10:45 am
Opinion: Julie Webb-Pullman

By Julie Webb-Pullman

Any bloodshed in Honduras has been, and continues to be, shed by the illegal Micheletti (Pinochetti) government, aided and abetted by the Obama administration. Any further bloodshed will also be at the hands rocking the Latin American cradle, not the poor bugger trying to climb back into it.

Are we seriously expected to buy this US State Department-brokered “negotiated, peaceful solution to the integrity of Honduran democracy and the safety and well-being of the Honduran people”?


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Puhlease! That is exactly what they had until 29 June, when their peacefully-elected president, who had been safeguarding and progressing the safety and the well-being of ALL of the Honduran people, was abducted and illegally bundled out of the country. What's to negotiate?

Zelaya was conducting an openly democratic government, in accord with the Honduran Constitution, democratic precepts, and international law. There was freedom of assembly, open media, free transit within and across Honduran borders, open free and fair elections, and even if the rule of law did not operate perfectly, at least it demonstrably existed. The “integrity of Honduran democracy” and “the safety and well-being of the Honduran people” was there for all to see under his presidency.

Pinochetti, by contrast, not only illegally occupies the seat of government, but participated in the self-confessed illegal abduction and removal of the legitimate president from Honduras. Pinochetti has overseen the suspension of almost all civil and political rights in Honduras, evidenced by curfews, censorship of the media, ejection of numerous foreign media and observers from the country, prevention of free transit by the citizenry within and across the borders, the detention of thousands of citizens, the deaths of at least seven, and the torture, beating, disappearance, and harassment of hundreds more. The “integrity of Honduran democracy” and “the safety and well-being of the Honduran people” has been decimated under Pinochetti’s regime.

Listen up, Obama. Democracy is NOT negotiable. Democracy puts presidents in place through the exercise of free and fair elections. Zelaya was freely and fairly elected. Pinochetti was imposed on the Honduran people at the barrel of a gun.

Honduran democracy cannot be served, or have any integrity, until the legitimate president is restored, and the criminal usurpers are held to account.

Zelaya is the legitimate president of Honduras. He was not elected to be the powerless puppet of a coalition of sycophants to the U.S., but to represent the Honduran people’s interests, to protect and maintain their integrity, safety and well-being. His presidential term does not finish until January. Zelaya should be in his country now, fulfilling the functions he was elected by the Honduran people to carry out. Full stop.

The criminals who, using state resources, illegally kidnapped him and whisked him out of the country and refuse to let him back, and who continue to repress the citizenry and breach numerous national and international laws, should be arrested and brought before justice. Full stop.

Roger Milbrandt said...

I find Clinton’s use of the word “reckless” to describe Zelaya’s action of Friday to be extremely interesting.

First, it is rare that Clinton ever betakes herself to actually think of a word: normally she just grabs whatever stock phrase or cliche will serve her current purpose of disinformation. Zelaya’s ambiguous intrusion on Honduran territory was evidently so shocking to Ms. Clinton that it forced her into verbal action.

The word she chose - not surprisingly - is nearly a perfect antithesis to the event she was describing. Zelaya’s action, far from being “reckless,” was cautious in the extreme. He entered territory that the military decided not to dispute, asked permission of the military to advance, and retreated when the permission was denied.

Ms. Clinton proceeded to say that such action does not contribute to the achievement of constitutional democracy. Again, Clinton is wrong, but she is not wrong in a merely vague and general way: she is precisely, diametrically wrong. Since this event, Vázquez has indicated he has only been “following orders” and has declared the army will not shoot at the people; the Honduran Armed Forces now indicate on its website they are prepared to accept the Clinton-Arias position; there are even rumours that members of the Honduran elite plan to take their money and themselves out of Honduras. These developments point to a dividing elite and an elite divided can be defeated. This defeat could usher the way to constitutional democracy.

Clinton is someone to watch closely: she is very intelligent and sensitive; in the comments noted here, I suspect she inadvertently betrays the deepest anxieties of her administration.

Anonymous said...




The thing is that we are ruled by Corporate men in black gray suits, white shirts and dark ties who’s attitude and behaviour patterns are just like Christian Bale and his friends in the movie American Psycho.

We shouldn’t only blame the high circles of the Democratic Party and The Republican Party. The whole bourgeoise classes in this whole world, specially in elitist colleges are just like American Psychos.

Do you think that a college student from Yale, UCLA, Oxford, Valley Forge Military High School Academy, etc will have the humanism, moralism, altruism and compassion for the weak that Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Mandela and Martin Luther King have? Not in this world. Most people coming from upper bourgeoise stratta are pure assholes.

That’s why we need a total change of paradimg from being ruled by corporate assholes to a paradigm of being ruled by compassionate, emotional, affectionate, real humans. Not American Psychos, Souless, Godless Yale, UCLA, Harvard assholes.

But don't just blame the corporate puppets who rule us, blame the voters who keep voting for the corporate psychos packaged in dark nice suits, white shirts and dark ties.