Friday, July 1, 2011

President Chávez appears on Venezuelan TV in Working Meeting

RIght now, footage of President Chavez in a meeting with members of his cabinet, including Foreign Minister Nicolás Maduro, General Henry Rangel Silva and Adan Chávez, is airing on Venezuelan television. The working meeting took place this Wednesday, June 29, from Havana, where Chávez is recovering from his recent surgery to remove first a pelvic abscess and later a cancerous mass, which was successfully extracted in entirety. The Venezuelan President appears fully energetic, strong, and pretty much his usual chatty self, talking about issues in Venezuela, foreign policy and the latest books he's reading. He is smiling, full of his usual passion and concerns for everything happening in Venezuela. Of course, he didn't fail to respond to the latest threats made by Washington against Venezuela when just this Monday, the US State Department put Venezuela on a list of countries allegedly "trafficking in persons". "The only threat is the Yankee Empire", exclaimed Chávez, with his usual fervor. Ah yes, this is the Chávez we know well!!!

[You can view his speech made last night, June 30, to the Venezuelan people here with English subtitles ]

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