Thursday, January 21, 2010


Caracas, 22 January 2010 - This Friday, Venezuela celebrates the launching of its first and only English language newspaper, the Correo del Orinoco International. While in the past other English-language publications have existed, none remain in circulation today, and no others have been created during the Bolivarian Revolution.

Editor-in-Chief Eva Golinger explained, “This will be the first newspaper of its kind in Venezuela. We will produce news and information for an international audience, but from the Venezuelan perspective. Most of the news that’s out there in English comes from international news agencies that report with a biased perspective and tend to ignore important human interest stories that paint a positive picture of the Chávez government.”

“Our most important mission is to combat the massive media manipulation and information blockade against Venezuela and to inform the international community about many incredible events taking place daily inside Venezuela that rarely receive attention from the corporate media”, commented Golinger.

The original Correo del Orinoco was founded by Venezuela’s liberator, Simón Bolívar on June 27, 1818. It served as a principal source of information during the time of independence and the creation of the Venezuelan Republic. Bolívar encouraged writing and reporting as a form of “artillery”, termed by him as the “Artillery of Ideas”.

One hundred ninety one years later, the Correo del Orinoco in Spanish was relaunched as part of the Venezuelan people’s effort to combat corporate media misreporting and disinformation campaigns against the Venezuelan government and the Bolivarian Revolution, nationally and internationally. Today, the Correo del Orinoco is a widely-read and referenced daily paper, reporting on political, social, economic, judicial, cultural and international events of importance to the Venezuelan people, with a balanced and informative tone.

In times of Simón Bolívar, the Correo del Orinoco was published not only in Spanish, but also occasionally in English and French. Today this tradition is continued with the creation of the first foreign language version of the Correo del Orinoco International, a weekly paper in English for distribution nationally and internationally.

“Issues and stories of how social and economic justice are being built in Venezuela today will be our priority”, added the editor, Eva Golinger.

The Correo del Orinoco International will be available in print this Friday, January 22, and next Friday, January 29, as a free insert in the Spanish-language daily edition. The English-language paper will be formally launched as a separate publication on February 4, and then will be available every Friday at newstands across Venezuela. International distribution of the print edition is a future goal, but for now, it will be available in digital format on the Spanish-language website, also to be launched February 4.

This week’s trial edition is available at:


Unknown said...

Good News!! We really need that information in Sweden. The media here is terrible. Especially aganinst Cuba and Venezuela (read Hugo Chavez). Most of it comes (of course) from TT-Reuter and you know about their propaganda. They say that we have free press in Sweden. Yes that is true - if you got the money. We don´t even have a left daily paper. So Correo del Orinocco Internationall is very good news for us swedes that don´t read spanish.
Maria S

Unknown said...

This is great, Eva. Congratulations.

That being said: the hard part will be giving this thing the "gravitas" it requires... It'll be too easy for this effort to fall into becoming/being just another Party rag, you know? And I don't know if you'll be allowed to do it, frankly. We'll see.

Hope this thing is allowed to grow and stretch. Just keep certain red-shirted hands off it, eh?


Excellent news! Congrats! Is there a way to sign up to get the PDF edition delivered to me by email?


Eva Golinger said...

Yes, please send an email to: [email protected] to be put on the list for the pdf version....


thanks Eva!

NuestraAmericaNews said...

Eva I think that the first article should focus on the United Nations institution. And how the institution allows Israel and the United States more leverage and control over other nations. The article should focus on how un-democratic the United Nations is. How it ignores the majority vote against the Cuban blockade. Or the two state solution for Israel and Palestine. It should be a deep analyzes on how the institution is being used to give the United States and Israel leverage and power over other countries. The institution is being used to treat countries as second class citizens. Almost similar to how slaves were treated as 1/5 of a human. There is nothing different than what the United Nations is doing today. There should be something written on overthrowing the institution to recreate a new one that will represent the masses of the world. I just get understand how this institution continues to this day denying the majority voice. Therefore it is being used to treat other countries as if they where slaves.

Joseph Dubonnet said...

Congratulation on this new and exciting venture. Best wishes from USMA!