Monday, July 27, 2009


Honduran dictator Roberto Micheletti published an OpED in the Wall Street Journal today, titled "The Path Forward for Honduras: Zelaya's removal from office was a triumph for the rule of law" justifying the coup and calling on the US public to support his illegal regime. The WSJ presents the dictator Micheletti as "Mr. Micheletti, previously the president of the Honduran Congress, became president of Honduras upon the departure of Manuel Zelaya." - How interesting, so it wasn't vía a coup d'etat that involved the violent kidnapping of democratically elected President Zelaya that Micheletti illegally took over the presidency, but because of Zelaya's "departure". Hmm, sure makes it easier to justify that way!

Micheletti's OpEd lays out the coup regime's "reasons" for kidnapping Zelaya, lying in general as usual, and even claiming Zelaya stole millions of dollars from the Honduran central bank (first time we've heard that one!! I wonder if Micheletti has ever heard the term "defamation"?). The article also oddly states the coup regime's "willingness" to work with the Arias plan set forth by President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica last week, as promoted by Washington, despite the fact that on all prior occasions the regime has outwardly rejected the base of the Arias proposal, which is the return of Zelaya to the presidency. Of course the OpEd was written and publicized by Clinton friend Lanny Davis, the coup regime's lobbyist in Washington.

However, in today's State Department briefing, it became even more clear that Washington is no longer pushing for Zelaya's return as the base of the Arias agreement (I have pointed this out before, but for those it is again)...

"QUESTION: Do you still believe that the return of democratic rule requires the restoration of President Zelaya as president?

MR. KELLY: We - our policy remains the same, that we want the restoration of democratic order. And that includes the return by mutual agreement of the democratically elected president, and that’s President Zelaya."

Meanwhile, over the weekend Republican congressman Connie Mack visited the coup regime in Honduras, along with another member of Congress, Republican Brian Bilbray and fellow party member Tom Dime. As to attempt to garner more prestige and attention to the visit, the illegal and repressive Honduran regime lied and referred to the trio as US Senators...

And BTW, Zelaya is camped out at the Honduran-Nicaraguan border still waiting for his family and supporters to arrive. They have been detained now by coup forces for three days and prevented from reaching the border.


Anonymous said...

Hello Eva and friends. And thanks a lot for your objective and evidence-based investigation about the Honduras crisis. I would like to ask you what do you think about the Coup Government's argument that President Manuel Zelaya stole some millions of dollars out of the Honduras government. That sounds like the Forbes Magazine argument that Fidel Castro was one of the richest man of this world.

You know that corporate mainstream media like CNN, FOX, Univision, Telemundo, NBC, ABC, CBS, Galavision accuse people without any evidence. So how can the Honduras temporary coup de etat government say that Manuel Zelaya stole millions without any justified evidence to back that serious acusation.

I am not a lawyer and i don't know much about United State's Law system, but i suspect that in most law systems you can't accuse a person without any scientific evidence based documents and arguments to support any serious accusation.



Unknown said...

The corporate media think if they repeat something often enough, it makes it true. They are waging a disinformation campaign, beginning with the lie that Zelaya was holding a referendum about extending his presidential term, and now the "stolen millions.' We have to just try to keep the focus on what are the unassailable facts, and keep repeating them as long as it takes to get them through their thick heads!! Here are some recent attempts to keep them honest....

DL said...

The problem is not about supposed Zelaya's crimes. Zelaya is the constitucional president of Honduras. The Constitution of Honduras (the same constitution Gorilletti's clique does not want to submit to a possible reform) grants separation of powers and the right to rebel. Honduran people had and have the right to rebel against any unlawfull government. But, in June 28th it was neither Congress nor Court Justice but the military who ousted Zelaya. If Zelaya is a criminal, why they do not arrest him and judge him? Every time Zelaya enters Honduras, they move to expel him again.

An interesting point is to see the move of US diplomacy. They do not risk to direct acknowledgment of Gorilletti's clique. However, they grant Gorilletti with a sort of practical acknowledgment. It's a new style of "régime change" (in this case from a democracy to a dictatorship) for the old imperialism of ever.